Well pump house site

Pump up the volume

I have been mentally building a well pump house extension for some months now. Unfortunately, this hasn’t caused the project to actually happen… until now. The water from our well is undrinkable (see previous post). […]

Fully-assembled rake

Raking up is hard to do

At long last, a day brim-full of glad tidings. Not only has the paint stripper arrived, but the very long-awaited rake handle did too. As you can imagine, raking is significantly easier with a 1.2m […]


Sunset pics

Went out to the top of the drive with a long lens (Fuji 50-230mm) and a very short one (Samyang 12mm fisheye) around sunset.

Sunny rushes

A frosty reception

The weather got very cold again – walking on the bog, the sphagnum moss crunched underfoot, unlike its usual squelchy/springy response. The light was exceptionally bright though – the first field benefitted from it a […]


It’s curtains for you

In case you thought that the whole renovation project had hit the buffers, I present you with the work of art that is a curtain pole attached to a wall: Once you’ve finished gazing in […]


Both sides, now

Another time lapse vid – this time a view onto the front of the house. This camera is mounted on a pole and gets a bit more battered by the elements (hence the rain drop […]