You said I must eat so many lemons ‘cos I am so bitter

Today’s apology for a lyric headline is from Kate Nash’s “Foundations”. Who knew that in a matter of 10 years she’d go from performing live on Jools Holland to being one of the stars of Netflix women’s wrestling drama GLOW? I digress…

So as optimistic as I was at my first building activity, I waited for the foundations to dry, then put the blocks in roughly the place they would be.

Bad foundations
I know it’s not right

Somewhere along the (wonky) line, I must have moved the markers I was using to denote the bounds of the area. I’d done the measurements last autumn, so plenty of scope for that to have happened.

I ended up with foundations to cover three blocks’ worth one side, and four the other. The bottom-right of the above photo illustrates the slight issue.

It does look a bit ridiculous that I didn’t notice as I was doing it, but I really didn’t. I have attempted to remedy the situation by extending the foundations out further – it’ll end up not needing a floor at this rate.

Hoping that the weekend weather will permit progress, but I’m concerned at the prospect of rain and freezing weather again. Apparently the water in concrete can freeze (and consequently expand) in freshly-poured concrete, which messes it up badly.

So far, so not very good.