The cast of characters

Obviously lockdown is taking its toll, and we have started naming the wildlife in lieu of having pets or any other human contact.

We’ve covered young Kenny Leveret before:

Kenny Leveret

There’s also a small bird that likes to flit in and out of a wood pile at the back of the house. Obviously we weren’t going to go Dam Busters on that one, so I present to you Sophia (the wren):

Sophia the wren
Sophia the wren

There’s a dog that likes to visit too, but he always has a big muzzle on his face (apparently due to messing with clothes on washing lines). To protect his privacy (does GDPR cover dogs?) I’m not posting a still from a security camera at the moment, but his name is Hannibal Dogter. I imagine he does eat liver, but not necessarily with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Finally (for now), we have Eric the bank vole. I don’t know why he’s called that, but it seems a reasonable name for him. He likes hanging around the turf stack. No photos yet.