The empty streets of Cork

We wandered around Cork today, a surreal experience with so few people on the streets. Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, which will have no pubs open and all the parades cancelled.

People are being optimistic, hoping that the impact won’t be too great, but taking it very seriously nonetheless. The theatre sign shows they’ll be closed until March 29th at least:

cork theatre closed until after March 29
Cork theatre closed until after March 29

Shop signs up give warnings about keeping your distance from others, and pharmacies have taken to printing notices telling potential customers what they do/don’t have (and sometimes appearing to be cashing-in on things a little):

Pharmacy sanitation pack offer
Pharmacy offering 2 masks, 10 gloves and 50ml antibac for €9.95

The roads are a lot less busy, and street signs show advice to wash hands regularly. The below photo also shows a hint of normality still (someone parking on double yellows in the bus lane).

Wash hands regularly road sign
Wash hands regularly road sign.