Sunny rushes

A frosty reception

The weather got very cold again – walking on the bog, the sphagnum moss crunched underfoot, unlike its usual squelchy/springy response. The light was exceptionally bright though – the first field benefitted from it a […]

sunny view

Good day, sunshine

There is plenty of mud on the ground, which is business as usual, but at least we can be out getting some fresh air and a hint of daylight.

First field gate

Back to the bog

After the total non-event of Saint Patrick’s Day, we head up to the house on the bog to see how things are going. It turns out that things are going pretty well, apart from the […]

cork theatre closed until after March 29

The empty streets of Cork

We wandered around Cork today, a surreal experience with so few people on the streets. Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, which will have no pubs open and all the parades cancelled. People are being optimistic, […]

View out to sea from Baltimore

[Not] raining in Baltimore

As our enforced staycation continues (due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis), we headed to West Cork for the day, taking in a few towns on the way to our final stop in Bantry. There seemed […]