Everything But The Badger

Not, disappointingly, a band specialising in covers of songs by the Hull-based sophisti-pop duo fronted by Tracey Thorn, performed by someone looking like the frizzy-haired brock-loving guitarist from Queen, but an update on the wildlife captured from the device formerly known as badgercam.

badgercam in situ
badgercam in situ

So far, it has been visited by:

  • A magpie. I can sort-of see the point of this – an easy mistake for the bird to make. I could try to make the camera look more like a large mammal, I suppose, but don’t have the raw materials to hand.
  • A blackbird. Hmm. Not impressed.
  • An aggressively-inquisitive robin. Actually, the robins here all seem to be like that. It’s impossible to do anything outside without it being watched-over by one.

So, not a resounding success (except that the robin didn’t manage to destroy it, despite its best efforts):

I suspect that the badger was just passing through looking for somewhere with food and shelter… maybe it has given up now and is standing in the middle of the road, waiting for the eternal release of a speeding Ford Mondeo.

Ceci n’est pas un blaireau