Apocalypse when?

Obviously horsemen (or women) of any kind are not to be welcomed, but it seems like some of the classic ones are very busy visiting people right now. We’ve been on the receiving end of […]


This aug[e|u]rs well

They said it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong. The drilling device / soothsaying blog post title was just waiting to be published, albeit messily. We’d bought a load of daffodil bulbs a few […]

badgercam in situ

Everything But The Badger

Not, disappointingly, a band specialising in covers of songs by the Hull-based sophisti-pop duo fronted by Tracey Thorn, performed by someone looking like the frizzy-haired brock-loving guitarist from Queen, but an update on the wildlife […]

badger cam

Badger watch

Last night a badger was caught on one of the security cameras bustling off into the undergrowth down the side of the driveway/track/ditch. The weather has been brutal here for a number of weeks, punishing […]

Cherry tree tag

Gardening season is upon us

We bought three bare-root fruit trees from Lidl the other week (€15 the lot), so thought we should probably try to plant them somewhere. This has proved a lot harder than you might think given […]