Your hare looks swell*

*apologies to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – it’s had enough of a mauling the past few years. Or about time too, really. Another visit from a young hare today, anyway. They seem to like popping […]

Fully-assembled rake

Raking up is hard to do

At long last, a day brim-full of glad tidings. Not only has the paint stripper arrived, but the very long-awaited rake handle did too. As you can imagine, raking is significantly easier with a 1.2m […]

Completed fencing

[Don’t] fence me in

The fence is complete. The gate is “fashioned” from the mini-pallet on which the wire and posts arrived. The stones I lined the perimeter with have been covered with soil as planned. Apart from that, […]

Plot fence

Can you dig it?

We’ve been working on a veggie patch for a few days now. This involved a lot of digging, but is mostly done. The plot measures 6.2m x 6m, and is on a gentle slope, reminiscent […]

Sophia the wren

The cast of characters

Obviously lockdown is taking its toll, and we have started naming the wildlife in lieu of having pets or any other human contact. We’ve covered young Kenny Leveret before: There’s also a small bird that […]


Sunset pics

Went out to the top of the drive with a long lens (Fuji 50-230mm) and a very short one (Samyang 12mm fisheye) around sunset.

Sunny rushes

A frosty reception

The weather got very cold again – walking on the bog, the sphagnum moss crunched underfoot, unlike its usual squelchy/springy response. The light was exceptionally bright though – the first field benefitted from it a […]

sunny view

Good day, sunshine

There is plenty of mud on the ground, which is business as usual, but at least we can be out getting some fresh air and a hint of daylight.