A hawk flaps its wings…

The latest efforts from the US to move us smoothly into WW3 have disturbing knock-on effects around the world, some very close to the bog in fact. The dystopian world in which we now live, […]


Bread and avalanches

Ireland’s being going bread-mad – apparently it’s the thing to be worried about running out of in the treacherous weather.  There have been articles devoted to baking your own, memes on the internet, etc. Actually, […]


The silicon bit – what happened?

So this blog has been about almost everything apart from technology.  Due to the various Bad Things that needed putting right, the opportunities to gadget-up the bog house have been few and far between. Clearly […]


Lahinch sunset

On the journey back from Doolin we detoured via Lahinch (a nearby holiday town) in time to catch the sunset.  I visited it back in 2003 on my first trip to Ireland, and it hasn’t […]