Have I tiled you lately?

Apologies to Van the Man. The bathroom was the last room to get sorted out.  First the flooring tiles, building on the levelling work done at the start of November: Next, the wall tiles: Finally, […]


Levelling the bathroom floor

Another floor that dropped away for some reason.  Concrete and screed to the rescue… you can also see I’ve put a mirror up above the sink, which is cunningly reflecting the shower to confuse matters.


Kerry, so cool and so clever

One Sunday (well, probably quite a lot of other days too, really) we had a moment of crisis, wondering what the heck we were doing in Ireland.  The solution on this occasion was to drive […]


Sitting room flooring down

The sitting room floor was a tricky customer – if it were any less of a level playing field, it’d be the US healthcare system.  Levelling this involved digging up old concrete where possible, filling […]


Hello sunshine

Some light (in every sense) relief from the bog came in the form of a trip to Portugal and Spain for 10 nights.  This is going to be one long post – I can’t be […]


A heap of tyres

In case you were wondering what a ridiculous number of tyres looked like, here you go. Note: this is the first in a series of back-filled posts to cover the months I’d neglected to write […]


Flowers and blackberries…

There’s still plenty of interest on and around the bog… it’s definitely the end of the summer (such that it was), but the non-rainy evenings are fine for walking still.  The spiders seem to be […]